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Why do we care what others think?

Listen. We ALL do it.

It's hard to not care about what others think. There's a big decision I have to make soon and the first thought/fear I had, is "What are others going to say about me? What are they going to think? What are they going to say TO me?!?!?"

First off, WHY DO I CARE.

Our lives are up to us...The paths we take and MAKE in our lives are for the best interest in OUR futures - not theirs.

I just listened to a podcast about confidence and how we all live by the saying, "Fake it until we make it." But Steven Furtick made a valid point.

Faking it until we make it, won't actually make us make it. It will break us.

Why are we placing our confidence in people? Things? Our jobs? Things and people that will never be perfect? That aren't a solid foundation to base our confidence off of?

Don't fake it. Just ask yourself what or who are you placing your confidence in?

Place it in the one who created you and knows every single detail of you ins…

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